Modular Controller for Niagara and Sedona

Scalibur stands for scalability and unlimited application options from both hardware and software aspects. Our solution for building automation, industrial control, commercial solutions, distributed facilities, data centers, infrastructure management and more.

Sedona Controllers
Modular or Compact

Modular Scalibur controllers SCA-340 and compact Sedona controllers SCC are dedicated for scalable applications in the field level. Programming, data exchange, and deployment are seamlessly integrated in NiagaraAX with Intes in the automation level and SupervisorAX on top.


SysMik'S IoT Solution is the ideal M2M platform and covers the entire range of M2M; from integration of field bus protocols, IOs, data normalization or logic, up to visualization and enterprise integration. The system is fully controlled in real time over the Internet using state of the art technology, including HTML5, SSL, IPV6 and mobile apps.

in Distributed Facilities

When managing distributed facilities, the operator has to offer a flexible service and has to optimize the operating costs, while fulfilling the user’s requirements. Benchmarking of media and energy consumption values yields useful guidelines regarding how to operate the facilities efficiently. 

Integration Server
Embedded Niagara controller INTES

INTES Integration Servers are powerful compact controllers for integrating communication protocols, controlling of local processes, and Web visualization. They offer multiple interfaces and extension options as well as a license-free on-board development environment.

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